Free Microchipping for Cats

Whangarei SPCA is offering Free microchipping for cats Saturday 6th May from 10 - 1pm

Every year the Whangarei SPCA receives into our care over 3000 animals.

The majority of these are cats and kittens that are healthy lost/strays or sick/ injured.

The resources and costs to the SPCA in caring for these cats and kittens is hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, all of which is donated funds.

Cats and kittens have to be held as per the legislation for a set period before they can be rehomed or otherwise disposed of. Costs incurred include housing, feeding, veterinary care, desexing and vaccinations.

Predominately these cats and kittens are owned but owners do not look for and/or claim them.

The Whangarei SPCA do our very best to reunite animals with the owners, however cats can wander long distances and be difficult to identify. The only sure way to locate owners is if the animals are microchipped. While this is compulsory for dogs, it is voluntary for cat owners.

For this reason, the Whangarei SPCA will be offering FREE MICROCHIPPING of cats and kittens. A donation for the service would be appreciated but not compulsory.

This will help to reduce the strain on the SPCA by being able to return owned cats promptly. In the cases where sick and injured cats are received into the SPCA, we can contact the owners and discuss options of treatment and veterinary referral for their cat.

With more cats/kittens being returned to their rightful home not only can we reduce drain on our already extremely stretched funds and resources but it will allow the Whangarei SPCA to focus on Animal Welfare more and enable mistreated, sick and/or injured animals to get the attention, treatment and rehabilitation they deserve.

The Microchipping will be free, including registration on the SPCA database (to enable SPCA to contact owners), however you can also register on the national database which any welfare centre or veterinary clinic can access and this will cost $20 per microchip.

The next Microchipping day will be Saturday 6th May from 10am - 1pm at our clinic at 32 Commerce Street behind Pet Essentials. 

If you would like to have your cat microchipped please register your interest by either emailing andrea@whangareispca.co.nz or ringing Andrea on 09 438 9161, press 9.

Spaces will be limited on this day so please register as soon as possible. 


Mar 29, 2017 Category: General Posted by: sue