Companion Card

Introducing the SPCA Companion Card

Companion Card

The SPCA and Diners Club International are pleased to offer you the Companion Card

As the result of a partnership between the SPCA and Diners Club International

We are pleased to offer the Companion Card to you which, with use, this card will not only provide the usual Diners Club benefits (plus a few added advantages!) but will also raise valuable funds to help the animals.

Partners together, helping animals

The SPCA is New Zealand's oldest and most respected animal welfare organisation. It is one of the few major charities which operates without government funding, relying entirely on public donations to survive.

That is why this partnership is so exciting.

It provides the benefits of using the card whilst at the same time generating money to help this worthwhile charity
Most people have enjoyed the delights and benefits of living with animals, each of them finding a place in our hearts and in our families. But sadly, too many animals in our community are abused, neglected and abandoned.

They need our help and now – together – we can provide the assistance they need so badly. With every swipe of your SPCA / Diners Club Companion Card the animals will receive a percentage of your spend – it's painless but it's valuable.

How the SPCA will use your contributions

The SPCA provides hands–on help for those in need as well as preventing potential cruelty before it happens.

Your contribution through the use of your Diners Companion Card will
• Provide shelter and loving care for abused and homeless animals
• Assist in the funding of SPCA Inspectors in fighting animal cruelty in the field
• Help to finance bringing to justice through the Courts those who inflict cruelty upon animals
• Contribute towards the veterinary care needed by sick, injured and unloved animals
• Aid in the education of children and adults in learning animal respect and therefore preventing cruelty
• Support the SPCA in its efforts to eliminate cruelty by legislation
• Help in the rehoming of abandoned animals into loving new homes
• Support the volunteers who foster animals and who visit the sick and the elderly giving therapeutic comfort with their animals

Together we can all make a difference, and now with the SPCA / Diners Companion Card you can make your own difference with little or no effort. It's the perfect partnership.

Your invitation to help

Simply by applying for the SPCA / Diners Club Companion Card you can set into motion a simple arrangement that will benefit both you and the animals. Click to download application form PDF (1.73mb)

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view this PDF file. If you do not have it, it's free to download.

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