Lost and Found Pets

Have you lost your Pet or found a Pet?

You can use the following steps to help find your Pet or report one you have found.

List your pet on http://www.lostpet.co.nz/

Make up flyers with a picture of the pet and display at
- Vet Clinics
- Pet Shops - Put them in mailboxes in your street
- Put an advertisement in your local paper in the Lost & Found Column

Call the SPCA on 4389161 ext 3 and leave your details and the details of the animal who has been lost or found (we clear this multiple times each day so it will be seen and the details of you and the animal noted) 




LOST CAT, Tabby/White socks and bib, Long legged, Desexed, Not microchipped, 3 years old, Medium haired, “Mojo”, Phone Brenda 021380277 (15/03)

FOUND CAT, Tabby, Male, Not Desexed, Shorthaired, 1 year, Western Hills Drive Avenues area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39028) (15/03)

LOST CAT x2, White/Tabby, Male, Not Desexed, 19 months old, Tortie/Tabby, Female, Desexed, 13-14 years old, Last seen approx. 8th March, Chester Ave Onerahi area, Phone Valerie 4376010 (15/03)

LOST CAT, Ginger, Fluffy, Male, Not Desexed, Last seen 4-5 days ago, McKenzie Ave – Handforth St Onerahi area, Phone Sasha 02108129754 (16/03)

FOUND KITTENS x2, Grey Tabby, Male, Not Desexed, Not microchipped, 9 weeks old, Shorthaired, Commins Road Onerahi area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39031) (17/03)

LOST KITTEN, Black/White, Male, Desexed, Microchipped, Shorthaired, 6 months old, Slender, Kamo Road Kamo area, Phone Dayna 0210461315 (17/03)

LOST CAT, Dark Tortie, Female, 7 years old, “Molly”, Last seen 7 days ago, Raurimu Ave Onerahi area, Phone Brooke 0278010612 (17/03)

LOST CAT, Tabby/Tortie, Female, Desexed, Microchipped, Adult, Shorthaired, Very large, High Street Raumanga area, Phone Chantelle 0210733660 (17/03)

LOST CAT,  White, Cancer on Ears, Microchipped, Female, ‘Bella’ Lost Parua Bay area 17/03 Phone Anita 0210310746 (19/03)

LOST CAT, Torte cat, Older Female, Desexed, Microchipped. Lost Grant Street, Kamo area 17/3. Phone Lisa 099717632 (19/03)

LOST CAT, Black, Female, Microchipped, Lost Marsden Point area (Oil Refinery end), Phone Kim 094327433 (19/03)

LOST CAT, Tortoiseshell/White, Female, Shorthaired, Desexed, Microchipped, 1 year, “Gorilla” missing Onerahi since 16th, phone Antoinette 0211467622 (19/03)

FOUND KITTENS x2, 1 Tortie / 1 Ginger, Female, Not Desexed, Not microchipped, Shorthaired, 5-6 months old, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39040) (20/03)

FOUND KITTEN, Tortie/White, Shorthaired, Female, 7-8 weeks old, Whangarei Heads Road Tamaterau area, Phone 4389161 (A39101) (20/03)

LOST CAT, Tortie/White, Female, 7 years old, “Holly”, Last seen 19 March, Large cat, Relocated to Portland from Titoki, Phone 0211153096 (21/03)

LOST CAT, Bengal, Female, 5 years old, “Nalah”, Last seen 20 March, Mair Street Kensington area, Phone Donna 0212694433 (21/03)

FOUND KITTEN, Ginger/White, Male, 12 weeks found 1st March at Jordan St, Hikurangi, phone SPCA 4389161 (A36923) (22/03)

FOUND KITTENS, Black, Black/White, Chocolate Point, Shorthaired, Female, 6-7 weeks found at Ross St, Onerahi, phone SPCA 4389161 (A39103) (22/03)

FOUND KITTEN, Black, Male, 6-7 weeks, Shorthaired, found Lester Heights Drive, Woodhill, phone SPCA 4389161 (A39050) (22/03)

LOST CAT, Grey with Small White Patches Chest & Tummy, Desexed, Microchipped, missing Wilson Avenue, phone Deborah 9717530 (22/03)




LOST DOG, Beardie X, Black, Female, Desexed, Not microchipped, 1 year old, “Rouge”, Maunu Road Maunu area, Phone Denham 02102439496 (15/03)

LOST DOG, Small Breed ?Pomeranian x, Black/White, Long haired, recently shaved. Entire Male, 10 years, No collar or chip. ‘Dino’ Lost Pawarenga Road, Pawarenga (north of Rawene). Lost 1/3/18 Phone George 0276986077/094381990 (15/03)

LOST DOG, Pit Bull Terrier X, Female, Dargaville area, possibly with a Black Labrador, Phone 0211386421 (15/03)

FOUND PUPPIES, Cattle Crossbreed, 1 x Chocolate Tricolour Male, 1 x Sable/White Female, approx 8 weeks old, found Smeatons Drive, Raumanga, phone SPCA 4389161 (A39037) (19/03)

LOST DOG, Black with Grey Muzzle, Miniature Staffy, 14 years old, Not Desexed, Microchipped, “Boss”, missing Logan Place Kamo since 17 March, phone 0225125654 (19/03)

LOST DOG, Bull Mastiff, Brown, Male, Not Desexed, Not microchipped, Wearing brown collar, Last seen 1 week ago, “Tama”, Rimu Place Otangarei area, Phone Whiti 02041313088 (20/03)

LOST DOG, Foxy, White/Black, Female, Desexed, Microchipped, Elderly (13 years old), “Tilly”, Not wearing a collar, Last seen 20 March, State Highway 14 Maunu area near Tennis courts, Phone Peter 0272009045 (21/03)

FOUND PUPPY, Black, Lab X, Male, Not Desexed, 10 weeks old, Second Ave Avenues area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39047) (21/03)

LOST DOG, Black/Tan, Cattle dog bitch, slipped collar in Maunu, may be heading Paparoa, phone 0274334401 (22/03)

LOST DOG, White with Black Face, American Bulldog, Female, Not Desexed, One Blue eye, missing Raumanga since 2pm today, phone Christina  02102444609 (22/03)



LOST BIRD, Green Indian Ringneck Parrot, Female, “Oscar” Can wolf whistle, Last seen 13th March, Last seen near Coronation Reserve Western Hills Drive area, Phone Paul 02108518756 / 4389558 (17/03)

FOUND BIRD, Cockatiel, Tame, Found 20 March, Horahora area, Phone Isobel 9460538 (21/03)




 Whangarei SPCA is on Kioreroa Road, Whangarei, ph 438 9161. Lost and found hours are between 10am to 3pm, 7 days. Take the SPCA number from the title of the ad of the animal you feel may a match for your pet. For cats, take a cat carrier so you can transport your cat home if it is a match as we cannot allow a cat to travel in a car unrestrained for safety reasons.