Lost and Found Pets

Have you lost your Pet or found a Pet?

You can use the following steps to help find your Pet or report one you have found.

List your pet on Petsonthenet.com

Make up flyers with a picture of the pet and display at
- Vet Clinics
- Pet Shops - Put them in mailboxes in your street
- Put an advertisement in your local paper in the Lost & Found Column

Call the SPCA on 4389161 ext 3 and leave your details and the details of the animal who has been lost or found (we clear this multiple times each day so it will be seen and the details of you and the animal noted)



LOST CAT, Cream/Brown, Burmese, Female, Blue collar with white iridescent spots with tag  “Cassie -  Kamo Vet Clinic”, phone Rhonda 4352753 (14/10) 

LOST CAT, White/ Light Tan Highlights, Manx, Crossed eyed, 18 Months, Male, Desexed, “Blizzard”, Last seen 11/10, Dakota Place Raumanga area, Phone Colin 0272783559 or 094386496 (14/10)   

FOUND CAT, Grey, Shorthaired, Not Microchipped, 18 months old, found 12th in central city, phone Lily 0211229864 (14/10) 

FOUND CAT, Dark Tortoiseshell, Aged, Long Haired, Female, found Beacondale Place, Kamo, phone SPCA 4389161 (A36331)(15/10) 

FOUND CAT & KITTENS,  Black/White, Shorthaired, Female, 2 x Black/White kittens, found Hedley Pl, Raumanga, phone SPCA 4389161 (A37980)(15/10) 

LOST CAT, Black with White tuft on chest, Medium to Longhaired, Desexed Male, Microchipped, “Tass” missing McClintock St, Whau Valley since 10th, phone Emma 0273485648 (15/10) 

FOUND KITTENS x 2,  Grey, Shorthaired, 5 weeks, 1 male, 1 female, found Ewing St, Riverside, phone SPCA 4389161 (A37981) (15/10) 

LOST CAT, Black Desexed Male, Shorthaired, “Tyler” missing since 9th, Ngunguru Ford Rd, Glenbervie, phone Lynn 4370456 (16/10)

FOUND CAT, Black, Shorthaired, Female, could be desexed, Around 2-3 years old, Springfield Road Oakleigh area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37983)(16/10)

LOST CAT, Ginger Tabby with Caramel Tummy, Shorthaired, Desexed Female, 1 year, “Juniper” missing Paparoa since 13th, phone Mikaila 09 4316571 or 02102606181 (16/10)

LOST CAT, Black/White, 2 years, Not Microchipped, Male, Desexed, “Lucky”, Whangarei heads road Parua Bay area, Phone Don 094365142 (16/10)

LOST CAT, White/Black, Female, Not desexed, Not Microchipped, 5 months old, Wearing collar with bell, “Tweedie”, Tuatara Drive Kamo area, Phone Jeanine 021910363 (17/10)

FOUND CAT, White/Black, Shorthaired, Adult, Hikurangi area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37986) (17/10)

FOUND CAT, Tabby/Tortie, Female, Shorthaired, Not desexed, Ewing Road Riverside area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37987) (17/10)

LOST CAT, Cameo Tabby, Solid, Male, Not Desexed, Microchipped “Pestie” missing Second Ave since 15th, phone Paul 0226046745 (17/10)

LOST CAT, Tabby Male, Not Desexed, 2 years, Shorthaired missing Russell Rd, since 1st, phone Robert 0224706653 (17/10)

FOUND CAT, Dark Tortie/White, Female, Not desexed, Not Microchipped, 9 months old. Mt Tiger Road Parua Bay/Whareora area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37991) (18/10)

FOUND KITTENS x2, Grey/White, Females, Not desexed, Shorthaired, 5 months old, Not Microchipped, Quarry Road Raumanga area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37993) (19/10)

LOST CAT, Tabby/White, Desexed Male, 13 years. Lost Wrack Street, Kensington area on 17/10. Phone Liz 0275587919

LOST CAT, Ginger/White, Male, Desexed, Tattoo on ear, 11-12 years old, Medium haired, Not Microchipped, Large cat 6kgs last time he was seen, Last seen 10th October, Pukeatua Road Maungatapere, Anthony 0212021122 (19/10)



FOUND PUPPIES x 3, German Shepherd Crossbreed, Sable male, Sable female, Black male, 10 weeks, phone SPCA 4389161 (A37979)(15/10)

LOST DOGSx2, Golden Retriever, Female, 5years, Microchipped, Wearing collar, and Golden Retriever, Female, 5 months, Onerahi area, Phone Nicola 0211681750 (16/10)

FOUND PUPPIES X3, Lab X, Black/white, Male, 10 weeks old, Rawhiti area, Phone SPCA 4389161(37985) (16/10)

FOUND PUPPIESX2, Pitbull X, Cream/white and Gold/White, Male and Female, Not Desexed, 9 weeks old, Not Microchipped, Kamo road Kamo area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37984)(16/10)

LOST DOG,  Staffy X, Tan, 4 years old, Female, Desexed, Microchipped, Last seen 14/10, Station Road, Kamo area, Phone Callum 0220587637 (16/10) \

FOUND PUPPIES x3, 1 Tri Male, 2 Black Females, Sharpei X, 10 weeks, Kiripaka Road Tikipunga area Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37988) (17/10)


LOST BIRD, Grey Budgie with Yellow Cheeks & White Marks On wings, Young, wearing blue leg tag, missing Denby Crescent, Tikipunga, phone Christine 0212149886 (14/10)

LOST BIRD, Cockatiel, Common Grey, Yellow Head, straggly tail, Male, “Sylvester” missing Herekino St, phone Megan 0273096011 (15/10)


 Whangarei SPCA is on Kioreroa Road, Whangarei, ph 438 9161. Lost and found hours are between 10am to 3pm, 7 days. Take the SPCA number from the title of the ad of the animal you feel may a match for your pet. For cats, take a cat carrier so you can transport your cat home if it is a match as we cannot allow a cat to travel in a car unrestrained for safety reasons.