Our People

Our Inspectors

SPCA inspectors investigate complaints and seize animals if necessary, attend incidents involving animals such as car accidents and give talks at schools about animal care.

One of the Inspectors is always on call although outside of business hours the public can expect them to attend only genuine emergencies.

Manager/Chief Inspector

Francine Shields

Francine became the head of the Inspectorate team in 1997 and has been working as an Inspector for around 20 years. She has a strong belief in the role of the Inspectorate and is committed to the SPCA. She has always had a love for animals which is shown by the menagerie she has at home. Francine is currently a member of the National SPCA Board.


Helena Sweeting – Inspectorate Team Leader, Inspector

Jill Loney - Inspector

Rachael Wyatt - Inspector/Education Officer. Rachael is our Education Officer whose primary focus is education in our communities and schools, teaching children and adults about general pet and animal care and welfare. She also talks to businesses and clubs about the work of the SPCA. If you are interested in having Rachael come to your school class, club or business please give us a call on (09) 4389161.

Kim Lindsay - Animal Field Officer

All our Inspectors have a wide knowledge of most animal welfare needs and an excellent working knowledge of the Animal Welfare Act 1999. If you would like more information about becoming an Inspector contact us or check out the Inspectorate page

Our Staff

Andrea Honeybun - Centre Team Leader, PA to Manager, Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinator
Kristy MacDonald - Veterinarian
Carrie Ashurst – Head Receptionist (maternity leave)
Vicki Herriott – Admin/Reception
Rebecca Anderson – Receptionist
Sue McDonald
- Centre Promotions
Sandra Clarke – Cat Isolation Supervisor
Kerryn Bishop – Vet Nurse/Cattery
Anna Hurley - Cattery attendant/Dog Attendant
Carien Munro - Cattery Attendant
Ani van Sinten – Dog Units Team Manager/Dog Trainer
Kylie Small – Dog Attendant
Kirsty Houghton – Dog Attendant
Jessica McIntosh - Dog Attendant
Joy Eady – Centre Assistant/Caretaker
Janice Webb -  2nd Chance Op Shop Coordinator
Anna Crum 
- 2nd Chance Op Shop Coordinator
Anne Cozens - 2nd Chance Op Shop Coordinator
Michelle Potter - 2nd Chance Op Shop Coordinator
Amy Ratcliff - 2nd Chance Op Shop Coordinator
Lisa O'Hara - 2nd Chance Op Shop Coordinator
Holly Hislop - 2nd Chance Op Shop