Wish List

Wish List 3.2.16

2 x Shade sails for the dog pens
Tinned Kitten and Puppy food
Kitty Litter
Dog leads and collars
Kitten toys - ping pong balls
Large Dog Crates - fostering and for dogs
Medium - Large Plastic dog beds
Shell swimming Pools for the dogs
Treat balls for the dogs
Kongs - for the dogs

Large Garden shed 4.2 x 1.7 x 2.1
(Kiwi MK4 available from Bunnings $1,700)

Foster kitten cages x 3
(small animal enclosure - available from Pet Essentials approx price
$109.99 each ask for Daniel)

Multi Platform cat scratcher for the cattery

Single level cat scratcher for the cattery

Heavy duty water blaster